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There are many treasures hidden within the surroundings of our beautiful Bulgarian capital that offer a quick and easy escape from the busy big city lifestyle. We have prepared a list of a few suggestions that are extremely suitable for a one-day visit and will remember them for a long time.

Our focus will lead us to Vitosha mountain. What better way to relax than a walk in the mountains? Vitosha is located near Sofia and is the fourth-highest mountain in the country.


Let's look at our suggestions for one day tour at Vitosha:


Indulge in a day of climbing to the heights of the mountain, from where an impressive panoramic view is revealed. See the city from another side with our tour of VITOSHA MOUNTAIN - HERITAGE AND HIKING. For history buffs, this tour also includes visiting the National History Museum. It was founded on the 5th of May 1973. A new representative exhibition was opened in the building of the Court of Justice in Sofia on 2 March 1984, to commemorate the 13th centenary since the establishment of the Bulgarian state. The museum was moved in 2000 to the former primary residence of the dictator and last communist leader Todor Zhivkov in Boyana. The Museum collections include over 650,000 cultural monuments. Among the most valuable of them are the golden Thracian treasures, which spread the glory of Bulgaria all over the world.

For those who want to spend the whole day in nature, choosing the day tour to VITOSHA MOUNTAIN AND PANCHAREVO LAKE is the right option. The Pancharevo lake is about a 30-minute drive from the town. Around it, you can simply walk and enjoy the beautiful nature, away from the noise of the big city.

In the afternoon the desire to feel nature will lead us to Vitosha which is the first nature park in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. There are so many paths from which you can choose to hike that are ever so picturesque and unforgettable. Due to the proximity of Vitosha Nature Park to the capital, it is the most visited protected area in Bulgaria. A dense network of roads, huts, holiday homes, lifts, ski slopes and ski lifts has been built. Despite the strong anthropogenic pressure, a surprisingly high biological diversity has been preserved in Vitosha.

We move on to another offer of ours. Spend a day in VITOSHA MOUNTAIN AND BOYANA CHURCH  with our private tour. In a day we will visit Boyana church, and Dragalevtsi monastery which is in Vitosha and finally head to some of the high spots in Vitosha from where you can see amazing views of Sofia from above as we said earlier.

Why Boyana Church and Dragalevtsi Monastery?

Boyana church known also as "St. Nicholas and St. Panteleimon", is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain. It is known for its medieval wall paintings, in 1979 it was included in the list of world cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO. The church is an object of exceptional importance for Bulgarian history and culture.

The Dragalevtsi monastery "St. Virgin Vitoshka" is from the group of monasteries around Sofia that arose at the end of the 14th and 15th centuries, called "Sofia's Holy Mountain". Today, only the church is preserved in the old monastery complex.