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Sapareva Banya is a town located at the northern foot of Rila Mountain. Only 75 km from Sofia, the city is easily accessible and makes an ideal destination for a day trip from the Bulgarian capital. In addition to being a starting point for the Seven Rila Lakes, Sapareva Banya is also known for its unique mineral springs.

In fact, the hottest mineral geyser in continental Europe is located in Sapareva Banya – with a constant temperature of 103 °C. The geyser has definitely become a symbol of the town. The hot steam that spews from the bowels of the earth invariably attracts the eyes of passers-by. Near the natural phenomenon, there are medical facilities where diseases of the nervous system, skin, respiratory tract, acute chronic disorders, the musculoskeletal system and even some types of poisoning are successfully treated.

The healing properties of the mineral waters gushing at Sapareva Banya were known to the most ancient inhabitants of this beautiful nook of Bulgaria, and they largely determine its rich and exciting history. In ancient times, the Roman city of Germanea flourished there. In fact, this is the oldest known name of the city and dates back to the time of the Thracians.

In Sapareva Banya, in addition to spa treatment and relaxation, you can indulge in mountain hiking through the riches of the mountain. One of the most famous tourist routes in Rila starts from Sapareva Banya, which is „Sapareva Banya - Panichishte - Skakavitsa - Seven Rila Lakes - Rila Monastery“.

If you are not exactly a tourist type of person, and especially for the upcoming winter months, we recommend a visit to Sapareva Banya for SPA treatments. Swimming in warm mineral water against the background of the snow-white slopes of the mountain is a unique experience. Our private tour to Sapareva Banya from Sofia is an ideal opportunity for a day SPA healing adventure.