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Formation of the Stob pyramids

The Stob Pyramids are rock formations that formed from easily crumbling rock and soil as a result of water flowing from rainfall or snowmelt that washed away the top layer of rock or soil. As the water drains away, erosion furrows are formed which grow over time, and the parts of the rock and soil that remain unaffected by these furrows remain higher and form bizarre shapes.

The trail leading from the parking lot to the pyramids and continuing around them is very well marked - there are signs and markings. There are also plenty of benches where one can rest if needed. The path is not difficult to walk. On the contrary, it is very pleasant. During the walk one can enjoy not only the Stob pyramids, but also the neighboring high hills of the majestic Rila Mountain.

The Stob pyramids themselves are located in several places and they are all in chasms. Fortunately, there are guard rails built around these chasms, except for the last one.

The hike on this trail from the parking lot to the last group of pyramids takes about half an hour of walking (normal to fast). The way back takes the same amount of time.

And the views of the pyramids are something very unique - so many different and at the same time similar shapes to each other ... shapes sculpted by nature over thousands of years. A pyramid here, several there ... a large stone perched on one, and several others forming a crest. Indescribable!

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