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Terms and conditions

Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions before using the website because they concern your rights and obligations.

These Terms and Conditions settle the rules for using the website www.citytour.bg as well as the relationship between the company “City Tour’’ Ltd., VAT130923231, with an address of settlement and management 6 Stara Planina str., Sofia 1000 , and the Users, using the services offered on the website citytour.bg, as the Users are offered the opportunity for online purchasing of tourism services such as single and multi-day overnight trips with transportation, transfers /by car, minibus, bus, plane/, mountain, hiking and walking tours out in nature, tours that include meals /gourmet, local cuisine/, tours which include wine tasting, guided tours that include visiting museums, galleries, art, and public institutions and buildings, tours which include art program ( folklore dance, folklore songs, performances by local and foreign artists/, hotel accommodation, rent-a-car with a driver-shared or private /transfer/, sport and adventure tours-including paragliding, rafting, bike tours, tours that include escape rooms visit combined tours et al.

The materials on this website are protected by intellectual property laws. Any unauthorized use of the name of the website (www.citytour.bg), its trademark as a verbal and/or figurative element “DayTrips”, copyright on texts, images or the design of the website, business models, implemented in the source code or other objects of intellectual property, is considered an offense and the respective legal authorities will be.   


If you, as a User, do not agree to be bound with the following Terms and Conditions, please discontinue using the website citytour.bg.

The company ‘’City Tour” Ltd. informs you how to use the website www.citytour.bg in an accessible way and gives you the right to make an informed, conscious choice whether to sign this agreement or not.

By using this website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use this website.

І. Definitions.

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them below.

1. www.citytour.bgis an online booking system for sale of tourism services and products such assingle and multi-day overnight trips with transportation, transfers /by car, minibus, bus, plane/, mountain, hiking and walking tours out in nature, tours that include meals /gourmet, local cuisine/, tours which include wine tasting, guided tours that include visiting museums, galleries, art, and public institutions and buildings, tours which include art program ( folklore dance, folklore songs, performances by local and foreign artists/, hotel accommodation, rent-a-car with a driver-shared or private /transfer/, sport and adventure tours-including paragliding, rafting, bike tours, tours that include escape rooms visit, combined tours et al. The system is created in compliance with the copyright law of the Republic of Bulgaria and is designed to provide specific services and information to the Users.

2. “City Tour’’ Ltd., VAT130923231, with a registered address at 6 Stara Planina str., Sofia 1000 , is a company, trading under the Bulgarian Law, and the owner of the internet platform citytour.bg, hereinafter called The Tour Operator.

3. The users of this website are private individuals and/or legal entities who access the citytour.bgvia a web browser and can also be classified as customers. They are also representatives of the information society, and hereinafter will be referred to as Usersor the Users.

The term „User” includes all types of usage of the site, as well as by individuals who wish to purchase single and multi-day overnight trips with transportation, transfers /by car, minibus, bus, plane/, mountain, hiking and walking tours out in nature, tours that include meals /gourmet, local cuisine/, tours which include wine tasting, guided tours that include visiting museums, galleries, art, and public institutions and buildings, tours which include art program ( folklore dance, folklore songs, performances by local and foreign artists/, hotel accommodation, rent-a-car with a driver-shared or private /transfer/, sport and adventure tours-including paragliding, rafting, bike tours, tours that include escape rooms visit, combined tours et al, as well as by legal entities, seeking general information about the services we offer because of subjective interest or for professional purposes.

4. “Electronic statement” is a verbal statement, presented in digital form by a generally adopted standard for transformation, reading and visual presentation of the information.

5. IP address is a unique identification number attached to a User’sdevice, Internet page or resource in a way that allows it to be localized in the global internet network.

6. “Hyperlink” or just “link” is a connection, denoted on a particular webpage that provides direct access to another webpage, information resource or objects through standardized protocols.

7. “Misuse” or “Malicious acts” are acts or omissions that violate the internet etiquette, civil law, current Terms and Conditions and/or causing damage to persons, connected to the internet or associated networks, sending unsolicited emails, also known as unwanted commercial emails according to e-commerce rules and regulations (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), overloading the systems (FLOOD), gaining access to resources using third party rights and passwords, taking advantage of system failures for personal gain or for obtaining information (HACK),performing actionsthat can be as qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging and destructing of systems and information arrays (CRACK) , sending Trojan horses or transmitting viruses or installing systems for remote access, disrupting and restricting the use of the internet and the associated networks by otherUsers, using a large number of materials on the website for a purpose that is not educational and for commercial purpose and/or any other use than the intended by this site gain and that includes providing, copying and reproducing of content to third party websites and sources, as well as any legal actions intendingto infringe intellectual property rights, copyright, trademark, design, logotypes or other types of copyrightimages, as well as any other actions that can be classified as a crime or an administrative violation under Bulgarian or any other applicable law.

8. “Web page” is part of a website that can be regarded as a composite or a separate

9. "Website" is the distinct place in the global Internet network, available through its unified Uniform Resource Locator (URL)and accessed with Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) or Secure (HTTPS) and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image, hyperlinks or other materials, and resources.

10. The information system is a device or an integrated set of devices intended for storing, collecting and distributing electronic data.

11. A Password is a string of characters such as letters, numbers and symbols that along with a username or an email is used as a secret key to enter the User’sprofile

12. "Server" is a device or a system of connected devices that has system software installed to perform tasks related to storing, processing, receiving, or transmitting information.

13. “Material” means anything subject to copyright, including any information such as text, image, audio or video, photographs, graphics, database and source code that is available on citytour.bg, and that can be reproduced and distributed by electronic means or by cable to third parties.

14. “Database” is a collection of independent works, data or other materials which are arranged systematically or methodically and are individually accessible by electronic or other means and are considered information resources of citytour.bg

15. “Accidental event” is a circumstance of extraordinary nature, unforeseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract which makes its implementation objectively impossible.

16. “Commercial communications” is any form of communication designed to promote, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or image of a person, pursuing a commercial or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession.

II. Registration of a User. Agreement to the general Terms and Conditions. Conclusion of a contract for service.

17. Purchasing the service is made by completing the following steps: selecting a product from the catalogue, choosing the number of travellers/any amendment in the number of travellers results in a change in price, price goes down with each new traveller added/, confirming your choice and adding the product to the “basket” or “cart”

The User has the option to register in the database of the site and become a registered User by voluntarily submitting his/her personal details-email, name, telephone number, pick-up address (for the tour)

City Tour Ltd. is a registered operator of personal data. Even if not registered, the User is still eligible to make a booking by providing his/her personal details- email address, name, and telephone number, however, these are not stored in the database with registered Users and he/she does not receive marketing communications by email for an upcoming tour, etc. After choosing a product and submitting his/her personal details, the User needs to choose a method of payment-via PayPal system,(business account registered on City Tour Ltd) or on the spot, at the start of the chosen tour.

18. These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract for the provision of information and/or the conclusion of an online transaction for the purchase of specific tourist services. The contract is concluded and is legally binding for every visitor/User, who has booked service and the Tour Operator.

19. By opening, browsing and/or using citytour.bg the User/visitor acknowledges having read and understood the procedures and agrees to be bound by the General Terms. The service contract may (but not necessarily) be stored by the Tour Operator and in such case, it is an electronic document.

20. By signing this contract, the User agrees that each text, photograph, design, image, advertising banners, audio or video files, database and source code that are on this site, are subject to copyright of City Tour Ltd. Therefore, copyright content cannot be copied, redistributed, reproduced, borrowed and modified under any insignificant forms, in any manner, without the consent of City Tour Ltd and after payment of the respective copyright fee.

21. If proven that the User is using any copyrighted material, that is intellectual property of citytour.bgand reproducing it for commercial purpose or using it in any manner that is not compliant with the purpose of citytour.bg; using it for commercial gain and/or any purpose that includes providing, copying and reproducing any content of citytour.bg  to third party sites and sources as well as any violation of the rules and regulations set forth in these Terms and Conditions, then the User/visitor owes a compensation for breach of the sale contract that amounts to the revenue of the Tour Operator as shown on the account balance for the period of time the site was in use by the User, and this clause does not exclude any option for regressive copyright claims on the User.

22. In case of a violation and a failure to comply with the obligations set forth in these Terms and Conditions and/or with the Bulgarian legislation, the Tour Operator has the right, but not the obligation to terminate the contract for online sale of tourist services by unilateral written notice sent to the email of the User, without giving additional term for execution. 

23. “City Tour” LTD is a registered personal data operator under number 1176.

24. The Tour operator is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal data, provided by Users online through the completed booking applications. Disclosure of personal data is possible in cases when it is requested by state authorities or officials, authorized by the law to require and collect information, containing personal data and in compliance with the statutory order.

25. The Tour Operator reserves the right to record, store and use any information about the Users, necessary to identify them and reproduce the statement for agreement with the Terms and Conditions.

26. Each visitor is eligible to become a registered User by providing the following personal details:

a) gender, name, email, password, date of birth; opting whether to receive a newsletter; opting whether to receive special offers from site partners/marketing messages/.

b) Users can register with their Facebook or Google account. This data is used to verify the identity of the User. In case the username is already taken (there is another User with the same name), the User is immediately notified thereof and asked to try a new user name that is not taken. The User undertakes not to provide his/her user name and password to third persons, and if this is the case, he/she bears full responsibility for the actions of that person, accepting that the said actions are to be considered as committed in his/her name and on his/her behalf. The Tour Operator shall not be held responsible for damages incurred to the User as a result of unauthorized use of his username and password by third parties.

27. The User agrees to receive marketing messages from citytour.bg via email.

28. The User/visitor can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails at any time by clicking the button “I do not wish to receive any emails” or by emailing [email protected]

III. Applicability. Change.

29. These Terms and Conditions govern all issues that may arise from the use of this website and if necessary, may be modified by the Tour Operator, and based on these are created rules for using specific sections of the site. These new rules are attached to the Terms and Conditions in a subsidiary manner.

30. Due to periodically complementing, modifying, upgrading and expanding the tourist services offered, Тhe Tour Operator may unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions without giving notice to each User. Any modification is effective immediately upon posting unless otherwise stated and the User is required to take notice of any changes in the current Terms and Conditions.

31. The User has the right to disagree with the modification of the Terms within one week of posting. In the event that the User does not explicitly state that he/she does not accept the modifications within the given time limit, he/she will be bound by them.

IV. Rights and Obligations of the Tour Operator and the Users

32. The Tour Operator is obligated to provide the Users/visitors, given the circumstances, with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the specifics of the services, offered on citytour.bg, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Tour Operator cannot be held accountable for any materials content and links to third party sites, that are of the group and business partners and are outside the database and information resource.

33. The Tour Operator has the right to terminate access to the website of any User/visitor if suspected that he/she has submitted inaccurate or false data upon registration or, has acted in a way that infringes the intellectual property rights of City Tour Ltd or third parties, or has violated the applicable laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

34. The Tour Operator has the right to terminate the provision of any service and is responsible for notifying the Users/visitors by posting a message on the website.

35. The Tour operator has the right to refuse a booking order made through citytour.bg, if the Users/visitors fail to submit the requested personal details, as well as if they are deemed incapable, as well as if they disagree with the Terms and Conditions.

36. The Tour Operator has the right (but not the obligation) to store on its information system or other devices information related to the Users using “cookies”. Cookies are very small text files that are saved through a server on the hard disk of the User/visitor by citytour.bg and thus enabling to recover information about the User by identifying him/her in order to track his using of this website.

37. The tourist services and their description on citytour.bg are based on information, provided by various sources-personal experience of the tour guides in the agency, internet /Google, Wikipedia, etc, tourist editions and information taken from the Tourist information centre (part of the Ministry of Tourism), from restaurants, hotels, wineries, and others, thus the Tour Operator does not guarantee that all details are always precise, complete or error-free. The images on the site are for illustrative purposes only and aim to reflect the photographer’s creative vision and professional skills. Most of the images on the site are downloaded from Google, from public sites qualified as artistic and/or personal and/or historical, etc. that allow usage of their images. Other images are collected via a personal database of photos and videos.

38. Users are required to familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions and any modifications to them, and the acceptance of these according to the above-described rules and procedures.

39. The User has the right to change his personal details provided upon registration at any time and without limits by abiding by the rules in the Terms and Conditions.

Booking & Cancelation Terms And Conditions

By booking a trip with City Tour Ltd. you acknowledge to have accepted on behalf of everyone involved in the booking these Booking & Cancelation Terms and Conditions, which constitutes the entire agreement between you and City Tour Ltd., and your booking will be accepted by us on this basis. The following terms and conditions are valid for all tours and services listed on citytour.bg    

41. Booking process. A user can book a tour directly online via the website, by email, which after that should be confirmed by a representative of City Tour, or by phone – which again should be confirmed by the City Tour stuff. If the user has any special requirements or medical problems, they should be mentioned at the time of the booking. When the user makes a direct reservation through the website and completes the necessary payment, he/ she will receive a voucher, containing the important information about the tour. The user should check if the indicated information is correct and should contact the travel agency if there is something incorrect or missing.

42. Payment Process. When making the reservation for a multi- day tour, the user is required to pay a non- refundable deposit of 150 euro per person. For the one-day tours, no deposit is required. The deposit will appear separately on your invoice. For the multi- day tours, full payment should be received up to 40 days before the departure. If the booking is made less than 40 days before the departure, the full amount is due at the time of booking. If the user did not complete the payment on time, he/ she will receive a reminder and if no payment follows in the next 5 days, City Tour Ltd. has the right to cancel the booking. For the one- day tours, the payment can be made on the day before the tour. Payment deadlines are always available inside the invoices received by the users and they should be followed strictly. If there are bank taxes related to the payment, they should be paid by the user. The User is required to pay for the service, bought online on citytour.bg in the following ways: via a bank card, via PayPal; on-site at the start of the tour or via bank transfer. The prices in the e-shop are in EURO (inclusive of VAT), but in order to facilitate the User, there is an option to convert the indicated prices in BGN.

43. Booking alterations. Any change in the price of the products and services offered is rare, due to the strict policy adopted by City Tour Ltd.to treat its customers fairly and with respect. In case of a price change, the customers will be notified and will be also made aware of the new prices, however, any price change may be due to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure). The tour operator will cover any increase up to 3% of the published price, but the client will be responsible to cover the balance and will be notified about the changes as soon as they become known to City Tour Ltd. If the increase is more than 10% the client can cancel the reservation within 10 days of the notification and the deposit will be fully refunded. If full payment is received by that time however no surcharges will be paid by the client. If a client wants to do changes in the tour program it is necessary that these are advised as early as possible. Although we will make efforts to satisfy those changes, we do not guarantee that we will be able to meet such requests. Tours and services with mixed-up starting dates due to clients’ fault may not always be handled if the mistake is noted less than 5 days before the starting date of the services. Administrative taxes of 45 Euros up to 100% of the package price will be applied in such cases.

44. Cancelation terms & no show. All cancelation requests should be sent in written for to [email protected]. Cancelations, that were made by verbal communication to a company staff or guides, or sent to another email, will not be considered valid. For the multi- day tours the following cancelation penalties apply (as a percentage of the total cost, but not less than the deposit):

Cancelation made between 40 and 30 days before the tour: 30% penalty

Cancelation made between 29 and 15 days before the tour: 50% penalty

Cancelation made between 14 and 9 days before the tour: 70% penalty

Cancelation made between 8 and 0 days before the tour: 100% penalty

For the one- day tours, a full refund is granted if the cancelation is made up to 24 hours before the starting time of the tour. If the cancelation is made less than 24 hours before the tour, no refund is granted.

If the payment for the tours was done by bank transfer, debit or credit card, or PayPal, the transaction charges during the refund process will be incurred by the user.

Refunds for canceled tours are processed by City Tour Ltd. up to 72 business hours after the cancelation.

In a case of a no- show by the customer, no refund is granted neither for the multi- day tours, nor for the one- day tours.

45. Cancelations by City Tour Ltd. If City Tour Ltd. needs to cancel or significantly change a reservation due to a force- majeure circumstances, the user will be given the following options:

a) accept the changed arrangement

b) order an alternative tour from City Tour Ltd. In this case, if the tour is cheaper than the initial one, City Tour Ltd. will refund the difference in the price to the user. If the tour is more expensive than the initial one, than the user should pay the remaining difference.

c) cancel or accept cancellations by City Tour Ltd. (full refund will be obtained). City Tour Ltd. Is not responsible for any incidental expenses that a client may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visas, vaccinations or non-refundable flights.

46. Force-majeure. City Tour Ltd. shall not be held liable in cases of “force majeure” circumstances, herewith described as events which we or our subcontractors cannot predict or avoid, such as terrorist activity, strike, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, road accidents, traffic jams, vehicle breakdown etc. City Tour Ltd. will act and do whatever is possible to the best of its abilities in order to minimize the impact on the clients’ journey in such cases. Claims for missed flights, only partially or totally unused other services as a result of such circumstances will not be acknowledged in such cases.

47. Handling of complaints. If a user experiences some kind of problems during a tour that can not be resolved on spot by the local representative of City Tour Ltd., the user should inform in written the head office of City Tour Ltd. by an email sent to [email protected]. The user should describe in full details the issue that was faced so that City Tour Ltd. can do its best to resolve it as soon as possible. If any complaints are made after the tour, City Tout Ltd. will take it under consideration but will not be able to offer any compensation for them.

48. Texts and prices accuracy. City Tour Ltd. always strive to has accurate and up to date information its website and brochures but some errors may occur during the time of publishing or meant amendments afterwards. We kindly ask you to make sure that the information and price at the time of booking are correct, as well as the information published later on in your invoice and voucher(s).

VI. Liability. Limitation of liability.

49. The site citytour.bg offers online booking of various tourist services- single and multi-day overnight trips with transportation, transfers /by car, minibus, bus, plane/, mountain, hiking and walking tours out in nature, tours that include meals /gourmet, local cuisine/, tours which include wine tasting, guided tours that include visiting museums, galleries, art and public institutions and buildings, tours which include art program ( folklore dance, folklore songs, performances by local and foreign artists/, hotel accommodation, rent-a-car with a driver-shared or private /transfer/, sport and adventure tours-including paragliding, rafting, bike tours, tours that include escape rooms visit, combined tours et al. all of which are performed in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth and the Tour Operator is responsible to make sure that the content published online is authentic and protected by copyright laws, as well as reliable and accurate. The Tour Operator is neither obliged to monitor the information it stores, transmits or makes available to the Users/visitors throughout the provision of services, nor to look for actions and facts, indicating illegal activity. The Tour Operator is not liable for any damages the User/visitor of the website might incur as a result of the information, sourced by citytour.bg being inaccurate and/or the materials being outdated.

50. If the Tour Operator/ citytour.bg suffers any damages, incurred as a result of a User/visitor’s misconduct, the User/visitor is obligated to pay compensation to City Tour Ltd. for all direct and indirect losses, including third-party fees, court costs etc, attorney’s fees etc. The User/visitor is also obligated to pay a compensation to the provider City Tour Ltd. if such actions were performed by third parties, with whom the User has shared his/her username, the email address used for registration, passwords or any details used upon his /her registration, and the Tour Operator suffers any a

51. The Tour Operator /citytour.bg shall not be liable for any damages caused on the software, hardware or any telecommunication devices, and for any loss of information arising from the use of materials and resources, that were searched, loaded or used in any way through the online services on the website.

52. The Tour Operator /citytour.bg shall not be liable for terminating access to the website with deteriorated quality as a result of tests, performed by the Tour Operator for the purpose of inspecting the equipment, networks etc.

53. The Tour Operator /citytour.bg shall not be liable for any problems with the provision of online tourist services, incurred as a result of the Users/visitors’ inappropriate equipment, as well as due to incompatibility between the software applications, used by them and the services offered on the website.

54. The Tour Operator/ citytour.bg shall not be liable for terminating the service due to circumstances beyond its control-force Majeure events, accidental events, problems with the global internet network, acts or omissions of third parties, etc.

55. The Tour Operator/ citytour.bg reserves the right to collect and store information about the Users upon their registration, booking or cancellation of booking in a manner that allows their identification.

56. The Tour Operator/ citytour.bg shall exercise reasonable care to prevent third parties from having access to the stored information about the UsersThe Tour Operator is also obligated to protect the collected data about the Users from third parties except for when the User has given his/her explicit consent, or if the information is requested by law enforcement entities.

57. The User can terminate the contract set out in these Terms and Conditions with a one week wrote or electronic notice. In this case, the User needs to provide proof of payment for all services booked on citytour.bg, as well as make an unambiguous statement that he/she does not wish to use the service anymore. The statement should contain all data, necessary to make an unambiguous conclusion that the statement is indeed made by the same User and the data should match the personal details provided by the respective User upon registration. The notices shall be sent to the registration address or by email: [email protected].

58. In the event that the Users/visitors fail to keep the obligations set forth in these Terms or in case of misconduct or violation of the Terms or the Bulgarian copyright law, the Tour Operator/citytour.bg reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice and is entitled to compensation according to the negotiated terms in this contract. In this case the rules concerning contracts with periodic performance will apply.

59. This contract shall automatically terminate if City Tour Ltd. terminates its activities if maintenance of the site citytour.bg is ceased, and by mutual consent.

VII. Other Terms

60. Any issues not addressed in this contract shall be governed by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

61. All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached all outstanding disputes arising from the contract for online booking and/or from these Terms, as well as the parties involved, including disputes arising from and/or relating to their interpretation, invalidity, performance, cancellation, termination, as well as disputes about filling blanks in the Terms and the contract and their adaptation to new circumstances, shall be settled by the competent courts.

No part of this website, including its content, trademark, design, domain, functionality or verbal content and the current Terms and Conditions, can be reproduced, modified or redistributed in any way that violates intellectual property laws, without the prior written consent of City Tour Ltd, the owner of the website. In the event of such unlawful acts, the responsible private individuals and legal persons will be subjected to the applicable criminal. civil and administrative liability and shall pay the owner of citytour.bg compensatory damages.

By signing these Terms and Conditions, I hereby declare that I have fully read and understood them and agree to them.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on the 29th of December 2017 with the approval of City Tour Ltd.