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Spooky stories are part of every folk folklore. The fear of the unknown both repels and attracts the mind with an irresistible force, which is why some "urban legends" are still alive today. And although Bulgarians do not celebrate Halloween, we have our creepy places, bathed in mysterious glory.

Few things can surprise or frighten people today. Many of the scary legends have been explained with scientific facts and thus lost their mystique. However, there are several mysterious places in Bulgaria that have retained their fearsome power. The legends about them are still alive and despite numerous studies, they are still veiled in mystery.

We present to you 5 of the cursed and mysterious places in Bulgaria:

  1. The hole in Tsarichina

Tsarichina is a village that attracted attention to itself as early as 1990. It was then that secret excavations initiated by the Bulgarian Army began. The reason is the claim of Elisaveta Loginova, a famous psychic, that aliens are communicating with her. They reveal to her that the first creature that inhabited the Earth is buried in Tsarichina. Eventually, the excavated hole was encapsulated and no one is saying what was found inside. The inhabitants of the village say that this place is a source of strange and still unexplained energy.

  1. The cursed house in the village of Musachevo

Musachevo is located about 20 kilometers from Sofia. There is a house in the village that many believe is cursed. Despite its low price, no one wants to buy it. According to some of the locals, a Turkish cemetery is located under it, and according to others, a cursed treasure is buried. Whatever is under the structure, everyone agrees that it brings death to its hosts. The family that built the house years ago died mysteriously. The same fate befell the subsequent owners of the property. A third family bought it, which also did not survive. After this incident, no one dares to buy this property anymore.

  1. Shishentsi village

Shishentsi is a village located near Vidin. Currently, the local population includes about 100 people, 80% of whom are blue-eyed. Тhere is nothing unusual about this, though. They tell the same scary story that is sure to give you goosebumps. "Every night, strange voices are heard here - men's, women's and small children's voices... When it comes to 9:00 p.m., we all lock ourselves in our homes because we are afraid," the residents said. According to a local legend, a long time ago wedding guests from the neighboring village went to Shishentsi. On the way, Tatars attacked them and killed them all. But they did not find rest, their voices remained wandering to this day.

  1. The area "Sedloto" (the saddle) in Strandzha

In 1981, a mysterious map made of raw animal skin was found in the forests of Strandzha Mountain, and there were unclear signs on it. The ancient drawing is believed to be Turkish, owned by Mustafa, a well-known treasurer in the area. According to eyewitnesses, Mustafa provided the map to Lyudmila Zhivkova herself. At that time she was the chairman of the Culture Committee. Mustafa claims that the map depicts a place in the "Sedloto" area, between the Strandzha peaks Golyamo and Malko Gradishte. The Egyptian cat goddess Bastet is buried there. According to rumors, Zivkova was so attracted by the story that she even put the map in her personal safe. Negotiations with various scientists and archaeologists followed, but most of them were skeptical. So the piece of leather was taken to Vanga. She said: "Long, long ago people came by water from Egypt. They were tall and slender, with black hair, wore masks on their faces, and were dressed in something similar to our kukers.” The prophetess was convinced that the map pointed to a place where there was a grave of a woman holding a staff of alien matter. Vanga told them nobody should go or dig there because it is dangerous.

  1. The Devil's Bridge

Today, the village of Dyadovtsi, which is located after the Devil's Bridge, is completely abandoned. Local people claim that the place is mysterious and tell strange legends and stories. According to a legend, for a long time no one could build a bridge over the raging Arda River. A young and ambitious master accepted the challenge. The Devil himself revealed to him the secret of how to build the bridge, but set him a condition: In order for the bridge to be eternal, it had to depict the face of Satan, which had to be both visible and invisible.

The people of the area claim that this place is shrouded in unusual legends and happenings. One of them tells about a Bulgarian girl from the village Dyadovtsi, who went to the bridge to end her life and thus save herself from the Turks who were pursuing her. When the Turks reached the bridge, however, the Devil himself appeared before their eyes. The horsemen, frightened to death, ran in the opposite direction, and the damsel was saved.

Exploring the cursed and mysterious places of Bulgaria is an adventure in itself, a journey through the shadows of time and imagination. Each location holds its own secrets, waiting to be unraveled by the curious traveler. So, if you dare, venture forth and discover the enigma that lies within these haunting sites. They are a testament to the enduring power of the unknown and a testament to the rich tapestry of Bulgaria's cultural heritage. Happy exploring!