Due to the current restrictions announced by the Bulgarian government related to COVID 19, our tours will not operate until 13.4.2020


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The International Festival of Masquerade Games “Surva” in Pernik is the most popular event for traditional national customs in Bulgaria and the Balkans. 

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As the winter is knocking on the door we decided to give you some ideas with the best places to visit in Bulgaria.

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The popular and authoritative multilingual news media Euronews, based in Lyon, came out with an article praising Bulgarian winter and summer resorts.

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The UNESCO Heritage site Boyana church is open for tourists again. After a few weeks of closure, the beautiful church welcomes tourists again. 

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Learn what souvenirs and gifts you can buy for your friends during your trip in Bulgaria. 

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The government has lifted almost all restrictions

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Learn about the Roman heritage of Plovdiv

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Learn about the Roman heritage of Sofia

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Discover the most interesting winter day trips from Sofia

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Enjoy a comfortable transportation arround Bulgaria

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Learn about the most popular traditional Bulgarian foods and drinks

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See which are the most popular hiking and nature trips from Sofia

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Learn about the cradle of the Bulgarian Nationa Revival

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Take the most popular hiking day trip in Bulgaria

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Learn more about the hisotry and heritage of Plovdiv

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See the most popular Bulgarian customs and traditions

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Find out which are the most popular ethnographic places

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Learn more about the most important Bulgarian monastery

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See why Bulgaria is a place that you must visit

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Learn which are the most popular day trips from Sofia