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Explore Bulgaria’s natural beauty and cultural heritage with our guide to easy day hikes and scenic walks. Discover Vitosha Mountain near Sofia, family-friendly eco trails in the Rodopi Mountains, and enriching day trips to the Rila Monastery and the Cave of St. Ivan Rilski. Perfect for all ages and skill levels, these adventures blend nature, history, and relaxation.

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So you're in Sofia, excited to explore the city, but the weather has other plans. Don't worry, even a rainy day can be a delightful adventure in Bulgaria's vibrant capital! Here are some ideas to keep you entertained and make the most of your time:

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Easter is celebrated almost all over the world. However, in some places, the traditions differ from others. See how we celebrate Easter in Bulgaria in our short blog post.

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Spring season is a magical time when everything is waking up from a long winter dream. Nature has become more beautiful than ever. With blossoming trees and flowers, and nice sunny days that allow for very pleasant and long walks, spring breathes life into everything around us. 

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If you're wondering how to get to Rila monastery, we've got you covered! Here are the best ways to get to the Rila Monastery

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There are many treasures hidden within the surroundings of our beautiful Bulgarian capital that offer a quick and easy escape from the busy big city lifestyle.

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As winter blankets Bulgaria, a world of enchanting experiences opens up, especially in our premier winter destinations—Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo.

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Veliko Tarnovo keeps the secret of one Old Bulgarian capital, a city with Great History and Cultural flair which you can feel today.

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We offer you a unique perspective on Bulgaria's folklore and superstitions, featuring destinations known for their spooky tales.

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In Bulgaria, we celebrate a lot throughout the year. We have a total of 13 public holidays. Some of them are Christian - Easter and Christmas, others are related to Bulgarian history. Of the second type are the two major national holidays in September - the celebration of the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia and the Independence of Bulgaria.

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If you happen to visit the Seven Rila Lakes in mid-August you can find there hundreds of people in white, lined up in a circle, dancing with their eyes on the sun. The ritual is called paneurhythmy, and through it the followers of Petar Dunov's teachings connect with nature and each other.

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Take a day trip to the Stob pyramids.