Due to the current restrictions announced by the Bulgarian government related to COVID 19, our tours will not operate until 13.4.2020


Spring season is a magical time when everything is waking up from a long winter dream. Nature has become more beautiful than ever. With blossoming trees and flowers, and nice sunny days that allow for very pleasant and long walks, spring breathes life into everything around us.

Choosing to visit Bulgaria during the spring is a wonderful opportunity, let me give you some interesting ideas for activities.

Visiting KRUSHUNA WATERFALLS AND DEVATASHKA CAVE is a very good option. You can choose our tour and let the best guides lead you in a wonderful tour enjoying a great day in nature. This tour will allow you to walk up the cascade and take great photos next to it, and also visit the spectacular Devetàshka cave.

Here is some more information about these places

  • The Krushuna waterfalls are the largest travertine cascade in Bulgaria, located in an extremely karst area - the village of Krushuna. The village falls on the eastern edge of the Devetashko plateau. It is there that the "Maarata" area is located, where the waterfalls also fall. Translated, the word "Maara" means "cave". More than 30 caves are known in the area of the Devetashko plateau, and 4 of them are particularly famous and are among the longest caves in Bulgaria. Between them is the Vodopada cave (nearly 2 km long, not landscaped).
  • The Devetashka cave is the most attractive place in the region. It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, long 2 442 m, with a territory of 20 400 sq. m. and about 60 m high. Archaeologists found many Neolithic artefacts there.

The cave is very attractive for tourists and speleologists – with an enormous entrance hall and vast galleries. To reach the cave one have to walk along a narrow path by the river.

Another offer that is relevant for every single season, but is extremely beautiful and memorable when visited in spring is to join our KOPRIVSHTITSA TOUR WITH WINE TASTING.

  • Koprivshtitsa is one of the most famous Renaissance places in Bulgaria. The rich Renaissance architecture, ethnographic and historical sights make up a unique architectural ensemble, with well-maintained museums, memorials, tourist routes, and last but not least, Holy places. At the end of the tour indulge in a tasting of Bulgarian wine from the Koprivshtitsa region.