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Century tree "Mulberry of Levski" - Sofia

"Levski's mulberry" is a century-old tree of the species Morus alba (White mulberry). It has indications that it is a protected species and is the oldest tree in the capital. The historic mulberry tree is located a hundred steps east of the Central Bath of Sofia, at 2 Iskar Street. The place and the tree itself are significant for the Apostle – Vasil Levski. In this place was located the inn of Hadji Mano, who is among the guardians of the freedom of Bulgaria and an ally of the Deacon Levski. According to the legend, when Levski arrived in Sofia, he stayed in his inn and tied his horse to this mulberry tree. The fidelity of the legend is supported by the notes of Vasil Levski himself, in which he mentions his stay in Manov's inn. Opinions about the age of the tree are different - from 220 years to over 600 years.

Tomb monument of Ivan Vazov – Sofia

Ivan Vazov (1850-1921) was a Bulgarian writer called "the patriarch of Bulgarian literature" for some of his excellent work. The monument to the national poet is behind the St. Sofia Church, where Vazov wished to be buried. The stone was brought from Vitosha Mountain and became part of the monument in 1956.

The house where the writer lived and died was turned into a house-museum "Ivan Vazov" and is open to visitors. You can explore it on the corner of G.S. Rakovski Str. and Iv. Vazov

Reading Room – Sofia

The reading room is the new info point of Sofia, a modern city reading room and a favorite place in the City Garden [Gradska gradina]!

After many years of abeyance, the abandoned glass pavilion on the alley behind the fountains has finally been repaired and renovated, and since July 29, 2015 it has officially welcomed the citizens and tourists in the Bulgarian capital. The project for the READING ROOM has been implemented in its current form by the Association for Urban Reading Rooms together with the Municipal Enterprise "Tourism" at the Sofia Municipality, many partners and citizens - contributors.

The main goal of the READING ROOM is the creation of a new, modern public reading room in the center of Sofia, which will be an attractive public environment for reading and exchanging books. A cozy place to inspire a love of books in the urban environment every day. With its more than 1000 contributors the reading room has already become home of a lot favorite books.

Mineral fountain "The 4 spouts" – Sofia

The fountain with mineral water is located in the eastern part of the capital's Gorna Banya district. The mineral spring of Gorna Banya has been known since the time of the Thracians, and the waters are characterized by slightly dissolved minerals, with a stable physico-chemical composition and properties; clear, colorless, odorless, with a pleasant taste that is not affected by changes during the four seasons.

Sofia is rich in mineral springs – 35 separate deposits of mineral water with 75 water sources in the city.

The exhibit of a steam locomotive – Sofia

The steam locomotive is located next to the building of the Central Railway Station - Sofia. The locomotive was manufactured in 1900 by the German Maffei D with the number 2133/C-N2T/. It is part of the museum collection of BDZ (Bulgarian National Railways) and is the second type of the 47 series, mass-produced between 1898 and 1921 and delivered new from the factory in Munich.

And while you are near the Station, you should absolutely go inside the lobby and find the next point in the list.

The Rila Narrow Gauge Railway – Sofia

The museum exposition is located in the lobby of the Central Railway Station - Sofia. It was opened in 2002, dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the establishment of railway communications in Bulgaria. The narrow gauge train consists of a narrow gauge locomotive Henschel - Cassel and a passenger car. They served the main Bulgarian narrow-gauge railway line Radomir - the valley of the river Struma - Valovishta, as well as on the branches Dupnitsa - Bobov dol, Kocherinovo (Struma) - Rila Monastery, Gen. Todorov - Petrich.

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