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If you happen to visit the Seven Rila Lakes in mid-August you can find there hundreds of people in white, lined up in a circle, dancing with their eyes on the sun. The ritual is called paneurhythmy, and through it the followers of Petar Dunov's teachings connect with nature and each other.

Petar Dunov, also known around the world as Beinsa Duno (1864-1944), created his form of esoteric Christianity and gained wide popularity far beyond the borders of Bulgaria. In 1914, he gave his first public talk, which marked the beginning of the weekly cycle of lectures "Strength and Life". For 30 years, in 1,600 Sunday sermons, he spoke about the five main virtues embedded in his teaching - truth, love, justice, wisdom and virtue.

On August 19, the members of the Universal White Brotherhood welcome the Solar New Year. For this purpose people from all over Bulgaria and the world gather in the area of the "Kidney" lake and perform together the 28 exercises of the paneurhythmy to the sounds of special music. When performed by many people, paneurhythmy is danced in circles, which symbolizes the union between people and nature. Right by the lakes one feels the unity with nature the strongest.

Paneurhythmy is a dance for the soul, but it also heals the body. It helps joint mobility and breathing. Dances and exercises create peace and harmony in the world. Or at least that's what the thousands of followers of Petar Dunov believe.

"Panerhythmy is a great thing. You just feel better, you feel perfect!", they say. We can add just that just admiring the enormous circles of dancing people on the green grass near the seven Rila lakes is an unforgettable sight. So book your next trip to the Seven Rila Lakes from Sofia and see by yourself.